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We love the hypocrisy of Craig Hunter.  It is something we knew he would eventually display.  Truth-be-told, a true bureaucrat such as Hunter, is never far from the security and safety of “hypocrisy”.  Hunter has been out on the campaign trail touting his card-carrying membership of a police union.  He no doubt enjoys the standard Law Enforcement gold-plated retirement of 3% at 50 (you get 3% a year for as many years of service you have obtained and can retire at 50).  Without a doubt, Craig Hunter will surely enjoy that union negotiated retirement plan.

Last week, Hunter went before the AOCDS (Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs) petitioning them for their support.  Sounds to us here at Who Is Craig Hunter, that Craig is all right when it comes to unions.  Hunter obviously enjoys the wonderful retirement they have provided to him…we haven’t heard him say he won’t take the generous retirement.  So where then is the hypocrisy that we opened this post with today?

Craig Hunter has taken OC GOP chairman Scott Baugh’s pledge to not seek or accept any union endorsement or money.  How then could it be that Hunter is now asking for the AOCDS endorsement?


You cannot have it both ways Craig Hunter.  You can’t go out and seek the endorsement of the Sheriff’s union on the one hand, while pledging to NOT take their endorsement in the other.  What does that say about you, your integrity, honesty, and commitment…to anything?

Here is what it says.  Craig Hunter has once again shown We The People, that he is no different than his corrupt, sleazy, dirty handler Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  Hunter will do or say ANYTHING to get elected.  If it means cozying up to the union, fine.  If it means cozying up to the Establishment, fine.  If it means confusing the voters, flip-flopping or waffling on his stance, no problem.  Look at what he’s said about the Second Amendment.  Hunter’s word means nothing. 

Craig Hunter told the Establishment that he would not seek or accept any union endorsement, yet there he was last week, seeking the Sheriff’s union endorsement.

Craig Hunter is nothing but an empty suit serving the needs of Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. and crew.  Schroeder if you remember is the chief apologist/ political consultant/ spokesman/ attorney/ campaign chairman for the disgraced former Sheriff, now convicted felon, Mike Carona.  Schroeder consults, has endorsed, and has donated money to Craig Hunter.

Both Craig Hunter and Schroeder think you are stupid.  They think you are uninformed and won’t make the connection between the them.  Both Hunter and Schroeder know they are above you.  They think of you as pathetic, ignorant, worthless, individuals, “Just rubber stamp what we tell you.”   They don’t care about you, your family, or your loved ones.  Just like Carona, they only care about themselves and their power.

A vote for Craig Hunter is a vote for Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  A vote for Craig Hunter is a vote for Mike Carona. 

Anyone who would form a union with Schroeder cannot and should not be trusted.

Craig Hunter is nothing more than Mike Carona the Second



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We here at the Who Is Craig Hunter blog, love the smell of freshly cooked waffles in the morning.  There is nothing better than pasting on a heaping knife-full of warm butter and slathering the top with a thick layer of maple syrup.

Based on the pictures and in-person viewings, it seems our good friend Craig Hunter loves his waffles too.  But even more than the savory breakfast meal, it appears Hunter waffles, a flip-flopper if you will, on the issue of our Second Amendment Right to bear arms.

Head over to Hunter’s website and you will see Hunter has firmly, and in no uncertain terms, staked his claim on the Second Amendment issue:

“I fully support the Second Amendment. When it is applied to Conceal Carry (CCW) permits, the courts have given local Sheriffs wide latitude in determining who should and shouldn’t receive a CCW permit. I disagree with our current Sheriff who has adopted an extremely restrictive policy on issuing CCW permits. Instead, I believe law-abiding residents have a right to defend themselves. As Sheriff, I will enact policies which put law-abiding citizens first, rather than allowing criminals to have an advantage.”

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?  But knowing what we know about Hunter and the people he surrounds himself with, we decided to dig a bit deeper into his past statements about our right to carry a concealed weapon. 

It seems in a 2009 interview with Red Commie (sorry we meant Red County), Hunter made this very telling statement:

“As you can well imagine, the second amendment can be a slippery slope for law enforcement.  It is not only about CCW.  It is about where CCW is allowed, private property, public property, schools and universities, etc., for example.”

Hunter continues:

“The ‘who’ can also be complicated.  Should any 18 year old be able to come and get a CCW?  ‘Shall Issue’ states say ‘Yes’.  Then it gets more complicated with what types of firearms are allowed, such as assault rifles, types of ammunition, and if private sellers are held to the same restrictions as licensed sellers.”

Those past quotes make his stance on CCW’s and the 2nd Amendment seem a bit more complex than his current, claimed policy, of allowing CCW’s for any law-abiding citizen.  His interview in 2009 likens the Second Amendment to a “slippery slope for law enforcement”.  Sounds to us that Hunter really isn’t in favor of allowing the citizens to bear arms.

But even more telling is this lovely video of Craig Hunter being interviewed by the Orange County Board of Supervisors during the 2008 Sheriff Appointment process.  Let’s have a look, shall we?

Hunter states so clearly in regards to his stance on CCW’s in response to Supervisor Bill Campbell’s  question,

“California is a may issue state, I’m very comfortable with that.”

Now if that ain’t a huge plate of waffles sitting in front of John Kerry and Craig Hunter I don’t know what is.  Which is it Craig?  You can’t have it both ways.  Are you truly for honoring Orange County citizens their constitutional Second Amendment rights or not?

Once again we have shown you who Craig Hunter is.  He has surrounded himself with the likes of Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  Schroeder is the disgraced former Sheriff now convicted felon, Mike Carona’s chief apologist, spokesman/consultant/attorney.  Schroeder’s newest protegé for sheriff is Craig Hunter.  Hunter has easily adopted Schroeder’s lying, conniving, and deceitful ways.  That seems to say a lot about Hunter if you ask us.

Just like Schroeder, Hunter thinks you are stupid.  He thinks you aren’t going to pay attention to his waffling and flip-flopping.  And most importantly, just like Schroeder, the man who kept that sleazy, dirt-bag crook Mike Carona in power for 9 years, Hunter does not care about you or your loved one’s safety.  He only craves power for the sake of power.

Most importantly and based on his past statements, it is clear,  Hunter does NOT respect your Second Amendment rights, nor does he want you to have a CCW permit.  There is only one reason Hunter is saying CCW’s are ok now…because it is politically expedient.  Truly the markings of a shady, dishonest, and sneaky bureaucrat. 

Hunter will do whatever it takes to become Sheriff.  If that means he has to lie, then so-be-it.  That’s why we call him, Carona the Second.

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A couple of posts ago, we informed our Who Is Craig Hunter readers that the Anaheim Police Department stands alone among Orange County police agencies to have been duped into, “diversity training” by the Muslim terrorist front known as CAIR

But there is good news for Anaheim’s aspiring sheriff, Craig Hunter.

Because we CAIR, the staff here at Who Is Craig Hunter just wanted to inform Craig and his mentor, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., that Dave Gaubatz, author of “Muslim Mafia” will be speaking in Anaheim on March 27, 2010!  That’s right around the corner.

We sure hope Craig CAIR's about this...

Hopefully Hunter, Jack Anderson (see The Players tab on our blog) and chief Mike Carona apologist/spokesperson/consultant/attorney Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., won’t miss this opportunity to learn a little bit about the terrorist front group for al-Qaeda and Hamas.  If you remember from our last post, Hunter has been sending his police officers to the CAIR sponsored and run “diversity training”.  We tend to think it’s more akin to indoctrination.

Go ahead and click on the flyer.  You’ll see that it states, Mr. Gaubatz, “Will be talking about his counter terrorism work and most importantly, what we can do to stop this threat here in our homeland!”

Anyone want to bet that sending Anaheim police officers to the CAIR training is NOT on Gaubatz’s list?

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We here at Who Is Craig Hunter love to watch a bureaucrat turned Sheriff candidate politicize illegal immigration.  The pandering for votes is also something we have come to accept from our establishment candidate.

Craig Hunter's newest constituents

I have it from multiple sources that Craig Hunter has been stating, “I make the rules for the Anaheim Police Department”, and our favorite, “The buck stops with me [when enforcing and creating policy]” at his various campaign events.  Well La-Di-Da to you Mr. Hunter, that’s a hell of an achievement.  Such a bold statement would mean then you take ownership of Anaheim PD’s hands off approach for illegal immigration, right Craig?

That’s right folks, Craig Hunter makes the rules and Anaheim PD has its own version of Special Order 40 (LAPD’s official policy to NOT enforce laws dealing with illegal immigration).  It would seem Craig Hunter is more interested in pandering to the illegal alien community than enforcing the law.  Indeed, here is the excuse Anaheim PD gives for its lack of illegal alien law enforcement:

“We have enough problems just doing our routine calls and investigating the everyday things.  This would put additional burden on us that we probably wouldn’t be able to handle.” OCR April 4, 2002.

Last time we checked, Hispanic gangs and gang violence are just as much of a problem in Anaheim as they are in Santa Ana. 

In fact, because we are competent here at Who Is Craig Hunter, we dug up the 2008 FBI crime stats from Orange County’s second best sanctuary city, Santa Ana for a little comparison.

#1 Sanctuary City – Anaheim

Population 333,746

Violent Crimes  1,312

Homicides  11

Forcible Rapes  83

Robbery  573

#2 Sanctuary City – Santa Ana

Population 339,674

Violent Crimes 1,726

Homicides  30

Forcible Rapes 66

Robbery  842

Hard to tell the difference between the two isn’t it?  Looks like Anaheim is the rape capital of Orange County and scores a close second in Homicides.  Hmmm, I haven’t seen anything that would indicate Craig Hunter’s “policy making” is working out too well.

But we have come to expect that from our fat-fingered, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. loving, establishment bureaucrat, Craig Hunter.  We are in awe of the sheer level of incompetence Hunter has displayed on this one.  And Orange County can expect the same if he becomes Sheriff.  Not only will he pander to the illegal alien crowd, but he will IGNORE the law as it relates to illegal immigration.

Craig Hunter is no different than Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. and Scott Baugh.  Schroeder, if you remember, is Mike Carona’s political consultant/spokesman/attorney.  Scott Baugh is the head of the OC Republican Party.  Both Schroeder and Baugh are backing Hunter for Sheriff.  The three of them have a win-at-all-costs attitude about the Sheriff’s race.  NONE of them care about your family or your safety.

Don’t believe me?  Did Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. or Scott Baugh ever run another candidate in opposition to the disgraced, now convicted felon former Sheriff Mike Carona?  No.  They knew what Carona was all about. They knew he was corrupt and incompetent but they ran him anyway.

Craig Hunter and his pals, Schroeder and Baugh, will never care about you or your family.  They could care less if your wife gets raped.  They could care less if your kids are molested.  They don’t care if your house gets burglarized.  They only care about protecting “their guy”.  They only care about power for the sake of power.  They only care about themselves. They are the establishment that gave us Mike Carona and Tony Rackauckas.  They only care about continuing their corrupt ways.

That is why we call Craig Hunter, Corona the Second.

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Michael J. Schroeder, Esq’s., newest hand selected protegé for Orange County Sheriff, Craig Hunter, is out on the campaign trail loudly and boldly proclaiming that he, and he ALONE is the policy maker for the Anaheim Police Department.  A pretty bold claim considering he is only the DEPUTY Chief! 

Perhaps his boss, the real chief of police is too occupied trying to locate his perpetually lost duty weapons to notice or care (Anaheim police chief’s gun disappears. Twice., July 7, 2009 – Orange County Register).  Haven’t we all recently learned a pretty hard lesson about those who take credit for the work of others as in the case of the former, now disgraced and conflicted America’s Sheriff, Mike Carona in the case of Samantha Runnion?

For some sobering perspective into the insight of Anaheim Police Department’s self-proclaimed policy wonk, we suggest you read the book, “Muslim Mafia” by former FBI Agent P. David Gaubatz and co-author Paul Sperry.  The book is an investigative account of the anti-American hate group, The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR as they are more commonly known.  The book details a daring undercover operation into the belly of this radical Islamic organization that is actively funneling money raised in the United states to fund the very terrorist organizations our country is at war with.  They are also working diligently to undermine and overthrow our government so we can all become loyal subjects of Allah.  One of the primary means of accomplishing this objective is through propaganda. 

The book explains how CAIR “has trained the FBI and other law enforcement groups across the country on Islam and how to treat Muslims.  It lectures them to be sensitive to Muslims and respectful of Islamic customs, while misleading about the meaning of jihad.  The “diversity workshops” are in fact dangerous disinformation program, veteran counterterrorism agents say.” (Page 107). 

The following page, (that means page 108 for all you Schroeder disciples), lists those agencies that have been duped by this terrorist sponsored drivel disguised as “diversity training” and yup, you guessed it, DEPUTY Chief Craig Hunter’s sanctuary city, the Anaheim Police Department stands alone among Orange County police agencies to drink from the trough of America’s enemies.  

Doesn’t that make you feel just a little bit better about the sound judgment of little Mikey Schroeder’s new pet sheriff candidate?  But then maybe Craig Hunter knows better than veteran counterterrorism experts, after all, so does Obama!

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Whew! That was a big meal.

Such an important question that is.  Who is Craig Hunter?  Perhaps though, a more accurate question is: What is Craig Hunter?  Ahhhh, now we can start to get somewhere when we ask the question that way.  First we must start with some background to fill the void of information that those in power work so hard to create. 

Many years ago a young lawyer named Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., emerged on the political scene here in Orange County with one dream.  To wield enormous power and influence.  Fear and intimidation would be the hallmarks of his reign.  He operates in the shadows, behind the scenes, pulling the levers of power to install a judge here, an assemblyman there, a supervisor over there.  The list of people who owe their political existence to Schroeder runs the entire spectrum of elected office here in Orange County. 

His empire includes,US Rep. Dana Rhorbacher, CA Assemblyman Van Tran, US Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, CA Gov. Candidate Steve Poizner, OC Supervisors Pat Bates and Bill Campbell, Current OC District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, numerous local and appellate judges, and of course, the disgraced former sheriff, now convicted felon Mike Carona

Schroeder is an enigma though.  Whereas he is unafraid to wield his power within political circles, he attempts to maintain a clandestine operation from the public.  You see, this is where the power and ultimate danger of Schroeder lies.  Using his bar card as a weapon, he can surreptitiously work as a consultant to his candidates when times are good, but as their attorney when times are bad.   

Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  is completely unaccountable to the public.  Unlike those he controls, Schroeder cannot be unelected or recalled.  He answers to no one. 

Schroeder says, "Yes all establishment types are fat."

Case-in-point, Mike Carona.  Schroeder wore many hats while working with Carona.  Sometimes he was a consultant.  Others, he was a spokesman, and still others he was his attorney.  It is the perfect scenario for Schroeder and his minions.  He can work his nefarious plots to destroy the careers and lives of those around him, with all of the protections of the attorney-client-work privilege.  While everyone else in the Carona case was being indicted, investigated, and interrogated by the Federal Grand Jury, the man closest to Carona, the architect of all things Mike Carona walked free and clear.  Never a question sent in his direction. 

Schroeder also maintains his power by placing key people who work for him in high-powered offices.  For instance, the current DA Tony Rackauckas is owned and operated by Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  This was a direct response to the shellacking OC politicians were taking from DA Mike Capizzi in the 80’s and 90’s.  Whereas Capizzi made it his goal to weed out and destroy crooked politicians, Rackauckas ran on a platform to NEVER investigate political corruption.  The proof is in the pudding.  Rackauckas has investigated or prosecuted NOT ONE political corruption case since taking office. 

To keep tabs on Rackauckas, Schroeder has installed his wife, Susan Kang Schroeder, into the de facto number 2 position at the DA’s office.  Isn’t that convenient?  Schroeder tells his wife who they need to destroy, Susan tells Tony, and the Grand Jury begins.  Conversely, if one of their corrupt fellows needs cover, the DA’s office will go silent. 

Yes. She wants to crush your balls.

Case in point, the political persecutions of  long time Carona friends and associates, Attorney Joseph Cavallo and Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo.  Before the Feds ever went to bat on Carona, Schroeder had to discredit both Cavallo and Jaramillo whose relationship with Carona had soured.  Both had damaging information about Carona’s inner workings and corrupt activities.  Schroeder knew both had to be neutralized prior to testifying for the Feds.  

Using his puppet, DA Tony Rackauckas, Schroeder had Cavallo indicted on a capping charge (basically you hire inmates and bail bondsmen to send defendants your way).  Not to be outdone, Schroeder then moved to have Jaramillo indicted on a bribery charged involving a convicted felon named Charles Gabbard who was trying to sell a high-tech device to the Sheriff’s department.  

Both Jaramillo and Cavallo went down in a ball of flames.  But here is the kicker.  Their crimes had been committed years prior to their indictments and Carona was part and parcel to these crimes.  He was shielded from local prosecution by Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  If that ain’t obstruction of justice by both Schroeders and Rackauckas, then I don’t know what is.  

Alas, that is the Schroeder way. 

And it goes a step further still.  It’s one thing to have the DA on your side, but the piece de resistance is to control BOTH the DA and the Sheriff.  In a disjointed county like OC, it is the ultimate lock on power.  And this my friends is where Craig Hunter enters the fray. 

Schroeder’s power is slipping.  While his hold on the DA’s office is firm, he has lost the Sheriff’s office and has the potential to lose it again in the upcoming election.  But not if he has anything to do with it. 

Let me play out the current scenario for you.  Craig Hunter’s wife, Lisa Hunter, is a DA investigator at the OC DA’s office.  That would mean Susan Kang Schroeder is Hunter’s wife’s boss.  The Schroeders now control the career path of Lisa Hunter.  This little tidbit would also seem to indicate there is some sort of pre-existing relationship between the Schroeders and the Hunters.  How was it that Craig Hunter just dropped out of the sky and into Schroeder’s lap to run for Sheriff? 

In Schroeder’s twisted world it means he now owns the Hunters.  It’s no different from the 17th century slave trade. 

In addition, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. has publicly stated via an OC Register Frank Mickadeit column that he is supporting Craig Hunter and he donated $1600.00 to Craig Hunter’s campaign.  We will correctly assume here at Who Is Craig Hunter that Schroeder is working as Craig Hunter’s campaign consultant and will be providing the knuckle-draggers and Kool-Aid drinkers to assist.  

Follow the Money. Schroeder Gives to Hunter.

So let me put this all together for you.  Schroeder controls Hunter via money, manpower, and brain power.  He controls Hunter’s wife via her subordinate position to Susan Kang Schroeder in the DA’s office.  It is most certain that Schroeder is collecting damaging information about Craig Hunter that he can use against him should Hunter ever go sideways in the future.  

This brings us right back to where we started.  It is not Who but What Craig Hunter is.  Craig Hunter is what Michael J. Schroeder needs to keep pushing forward his corrupt candidates.  Hunter is what Schroeder needs to keep his backroom activities concealed.  Hunter is what Schroeder needs to extend and project his power.  That Hunter will allow this to happen shows there is no difference between he and Mike Carona our former corrupt disgraced, now convicted felon sheriff. 

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, it should be most obvious that Craig Hunter is nothing more than an empty, lifeless, robotic suit, completely subservient to Michael J. Schroeder.  He is the same as Mike Carona. 

That is why we call him, Carona the Second.

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Who is Craig Hunter?  A wonderful and delicious question.  One that cannot be answered in one blog post or in just a couple of quick sound-bites  No, this is a story that requires a warm cup of coffee, a nice cozy fire, and an appetite for intrigue, drama, corruption, incompetence, and Machiavellian power.  To understand Who is Craig Hunter you must take a moment to familiarize yourself with The Players as they are the colorful, yet corrupt characters that make up the Craig Hunter for Sheriff campaign machine.
For the past 15 years the power obsessed OC GOP establishment led primarily by Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., has been hell bent on only one thing…keep and maintain, at all costs, their power, with no regard for the public they serve.  Schroeder and crew have shown time and again that they are willing to do whatever it takes, skirt any law, and twist any lie to win and keep corrupt, worthless, and self serving candidates in power.
Nothing illustrates that more than Michael J. Schroeder, Esq’s. appointment of former disgraced, now convicted felon, sheriff Mike Carona to the long held position of OC Sheriff.  Now Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. along with his dastardly and corrupt cast of characters will use what little influence he has left to get Carona the Second elected into the office of Sheriff.  Who is Craig Hunter?  He is the GOP establishment, he is Michael J. Schroeder, he is the new face of incompetence, political corruption, graft, and power at all costs. 
Craig Hunter is Carona the Second.

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