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We were cruising through some websites and found a post about Craig Hunter getting his picture taken with Rudy Giuliani on the Friends for Fullerton’s Future blog. 

Craig and Rudy Together at Last


Well, we hate to one-up the good people at the FFF blog, but we did a little digging and found this shocking photo of Craig Hunter hanging out with Rudy…while Rudy was in drag. 

A photo is worth a 1000 words


Now we could really care less about what Craig does in his spare time, but damn Rudy.  Doesn’t Craig look like he is having fun? 

We have one more below of just Rudy if that’s your thing. 

Hot baby!!!

And that ladies and gentlemen is why we call Craig Hunter…Mike Carona the Second.


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We were checking our stats today and found this phrase was used in a search engine to find our site (We are not making this up):

“susan schroeder is incompetent”

We are proud to know that entering in that phrase will bring you here.  And yes, we agree 100%.


Pretty much sums it up for us.

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Cunningham cries after learning he is a loser.

What a difference a night makes.  We here at the Who Is Craig Hunter blog love a good beating.  Especially when it involves Craig Hunter and his mentor Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  Since Schroeder’s primary propaganda machine, the OC Register, and his secondary propaganda machine, Red Commie, have been largely silent on what happened at the OC GOP Central Committee last night, we will fill you in.

Craig Hunter, who should have been assured a Schroeder led victory last night was trounced 31 to 21 in favor to NOT endorse.  So let me get this straight…Craig Hunter was the only person running for the OC GOP endorsement and he still could not pull off the endorsement?

Man, what a loser.

If you head over to Red Commie right now and check the comments section on this post regarding the vote last night you can read a very despondent and whiny Matthew Cunningham:

Let me get this straight:In the Sheriff’s race,the OC GOP Central Committee cannot bring itself to endorse the rational, conservative, experience deputy police chief of a large city department over the union candidate who is running a looney-tune campaign (so much for the Baugh Manifesto)…,,,but in the 4th District race, where there are two conservative Republican candidates, the committee endorses one over the other.

Every cycle that goes by, the Central Committee itself makes a stronger argument for ending the endorsement process altogether.

Submitted by matthew cunningham on Tue, 04/20/10 – 09:39 AM

Go cry us a river Matthew Cunningham.  You are quite possibly the biggest baby we have ever seen in our entire existence.  Oh, we get it…so it’s OK if your candidate (Mike Carona) gets the endorsement, but when your candidate (Craig Hunter) does not get it, then, “the Central Committee itself makes a stronger argument for ending the endorsement process altogether.”  Talk about throwing your sucker in the mud.

Matthew Cunningham would be dancing in the streets and seeking the second coming of Christ this very second had Craig Hunter won the endorsement.  There would be enough high fives, ass slaps, and F*@# Yeahs to go around you would think the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim had won the World Series.

We feel sorry for you Matthew Cunningham.  You backed Mike Carona…LOSER…in 2006 and you backed Craig Hunter…LOSER…in 2010.  You are 2 for 2 and on one helluva losing streak.  Sad.

No doubt Craig Hunter’s political consultant Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. is fuming this glorious morning.  Perhaps the stain of Mike Carona is simply too much for Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. to overcome.  If you remember, Schroeder is  the  chief apologist/ political consultant/ spokesman/ attorney/ campaign chairman of the disgraced former sheriff, now convicted felon Mike Carona. 

Oh but we know thee to well Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  We know you will fight this one out to the end, using whatever underhanded, illegal, unethical, and immoral means necessary to get your guy, Craig Hunter, the win.

We will be there to chronicle all you do Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  We will enjoy watching you go to bat and striking out for Craig Hunter time and time again.

While we are at it, let’s use this opportunity to review Michael J. Schroeder, Esq’s, losses.  We will start at the most recent.

Craig Hunter OC GOP endorsement…LOST

Craig Hunter CRA (California Republican Assembly) endorsement…LOST

Anthony Adams recall…LOST

Paul Walters for Sheriff appointment process in 2008…LOST

Disgraced former sheriff now convicted felon Mike Carona…LOST

Janet Nguyen vote recount during OC Supervisor race…LOST

Debbie Cook ballot designation fight…LOST

Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. is a loser.  Craig Hunter is a loser.  Mike Carona is a loser.

That is why we call Craig Hunter…Mike Carona the Second.

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I am better and smarter than you

On Thursday of last week, the OC Weekly published a wonderful story by the mighty R. Scott Moxley brilliantly titled “Who Is Craig Hunter?”.  We here at the Who Is Craig Hunter blog couldn’t have thought of a better title for that story.  Reading through the story made our blood boil as it clearly illustrated the arrogance of Craig Hunter.

During the interview, R. Scott Moxley detailed a few moments of a debate that included candidates Bill Hunt and Craig Hunter.  The subject of the Oath Keepers arose at one point and Craig Hunter had this to say in regards to his thoughts about the organization, “It sends cold blood down my veins when I hear [Oath Keeper-type] talk.”  Hunter urged the crowd to Google the Oath Keepers, because if you did, “You’ll be surprised”.

Frankly I had never heard of the Oath Keepers, so as suggested I did just that and Googled “Oath Keepers”.  Here is their mission statement:

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution

Our motto is “Not on our watch!”

We are still scratching our heads trying to figure out why this is scary.  The question that scares us is, why is this scary to Craig Hunter?

This little episode shows us the arrogance of Craig Hunter.  Furthermore, it illustrates what we have been saying about Craig Hunter and his mentor / handler / political consultant Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  If you remember, Schroeder is the  chief apologist/ political consultant/ spokesman/ attorney/ campaign chairman of the disgraced former sheriff, now convicted felon Mike Carona.  He has found a new protegé in Craig Hunter.  Like Schroeder, Craig Hunter does not care about you, your family or your safety.  Apparently Craig Hunter isn’t so keen on protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States either.  That doesn’t surprise us though.  Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. would love nothing more than to abolish the Constitution…it gets in the way of his dictatorial desires.

As R. Scott Moxley’s story progresses he engages Craig Hunter in a discussion about his campaign and an upcoming endorsement vote in the OC GOP central committee.  To remind you, the OC GOP central committee is run by Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. and his crony Scott Baugh.  They bend and manipulate the rules within the committee to ensure their candidate gets elected. 

Case-in-point, back in 2006 Mike Carona lost the GOP endorsement by one vote.  Heir Reichsmarschall Schroeder with the help of Baugh re-engineered the vote, did away with a secret ballot, filled the room with clipboard carrying henchmen, and took a public re-vote.  To no one’s surprise Mike Carona won by two votes.  The next day the OC Register posted a headline on the front page in bold dark letters, “Persistance Pays” with a smiling Carona beneath.

Do you doubt me when I say Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. has complete control of the OC Register?  Who gets a headline for crap like that with a straight face?

We have digressed.  Craig Hunter is the only sheriff candidate seeking the OC GOP endorsement and once again Hunter shows his arrogance.  He told Moxley the endorsement is, “not a done deal” and will be “tough” to win.  Craig Hunter thinks you are stupid.  I will bet you a million dollars right now Craig Hunter’s chief political consultant, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. is working the phones, calling in favors, horse trading, threatening, and coercing every delegate in that committee.  If you think Craig Hunter isn’t aware of history or what Schroeder is doing for him you are either blind, stupid, a Craig Hunter supporter, or all three.

With only 2% of the public supporting Craig Hunter, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., just as he did in 2006 with Carona, will do WHATEVER it takes to get Craig Hunter endorsed by the OC GOP.  This despite the fact that Craig Hunter has already broken Scott Baugh’s pledge to not allow any candidate in Orange County get an OC GOP endorsement if they have sought out or received a union endorsement.  We will remind you that Craig Hunter sought out the endorsement of the OC Sheriff’s union this past March.  So much for having to follow the rules Craig Hunter.

Then our favorite part of the story.  R. Scott Moxley asked about Craig Hunter’s association with Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  Per the article “Hunter scoff[ed] at the notion that he’s in Schroeder’s pocket”, he went on to say, “Mike Schroeder likes to play the [political] game,” he said. “He’s good at it. He’s looked at my qualifications, and he thinks I’m the best candidate and that I can win. That gives me confidence. He’s given me a contribution, but I didn’t really know him until last year.”

Michael J. Schroeder GAVE you a contribution!!!  He is consulting you!  He is working the phones for you!  He is trying to get you the OC GOP endorsement!  He is writing hit pieces about the other candidates on Red County under the alias Richard Gilbert.  That Craig Hunter did not know Schroeder until last year means NOTHING.  It’s the fact that he is controlled by Schroeder NOW that is the important point.

Craig Hunter is an arrogant LIAR!!!  Just like Schroeder, Craig Hunter thinks you are stupid.  He thinks you are not paying attention.  He is a classic bureacrat and politician, telling you one thing and doing another.  That’s why here at Who Is Craig Hunter, we look at what Craig Hunter is DOING and not what he is SAYING.

Finally, and most telling, we see how deep in arrogance Craig Hunter has travelled.  When asked about a runoff between Hutchens and Hunt, Craig Hunter said this,  “If it’s Hunt who makes the runoff [with Sheriff Hutchens], he’s going to get smoked,”  Hunter continued, “people will spend a lot of money to make sure he doesn’t ever become sheriff. He would be terrible.”

He’s going to get “smoked” by “people” spending “a lot of money to make sure he doesn’t ever become sheriff.”  Who would those “people” be Craig Hunter?  Perhaps you are referring to “your people”, like Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., Scott Baugh, Matthew Cunningham, Adam Probolsky, Jon Fleichman, Jon Lewis, Ken Brusic, Susan Kang Schroeder, Frank Mickadeit, Tony Rackauckas, Greg Block, Jack Anderson, and the list goes on and on and on. 

Only a man of complete and utter arrogance, who has been convinced by the Establishment power structure led by Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., would put forth such a bold and canned statement.

You have to ask yourself, why would “people” spend so much money trying to defeat Craig Hunter’s opponent in the general election?  Why not do it now?  Why not dump money now on Craig Hunter if he is so badass?  We will tell you why.

Because Craig Hunter is an arrogant SOB.  He will say or do anything to get you to believe he has a shot at this.  He will lie to you about his associations with Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  He will make predictions about the demise of other candidates based on his brain washing by the Establishment.  He will crap on an organziation that wants to “Defend and Protect” the Constitution.  “People” see who Craig Hunter is and they are more leery of a Craig Hunter/Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. led Sheriff’s department than the alternative.

Craig Hunter is nothing but an empty suit.  He is just like his mentor, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.,  seeking power for the sake of power.  Water finds its own level.  Schroeder and Hunter are in this together because they each find something in the other that suits their needs for today and the future.  They will both do or say whatever it takes to obtain and maintain their power.  They will lie, cheat, steal, coerce, bully, bribe, mislead, obstruct, violate, distort, and trample whomever or whatever they need to in order to win.

Just like Mike Carona and Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. did for the past 10 years.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we call Craig Hunter, Mike Carona the Second.

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Schroeder reviews the troops

Here we all are, waiting patiently for June 8th to arrive.  Many of us out there have already decided who we are going to vote for in this upcoming Sheriff’s election.  Some of us are still undecided.

The citizens of Orange County are at a crucial turning point in OC political history.  For the past 10 years the citizens have been lorded over by Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  Schroeder if you remember is a skilled backroom political hack that is unelected and unaccountable to the hard-working citizens of Orange County. 

It cannot be stated enough times that Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. is the  chief apologist/ political consultant/ spokesman/ attorney/ campaign chairman of the disgraced former sheriff, now convicted felon Mike Carona

Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., is currently backing with money, brain power, and back room influence, OC Sheriff candidate, Craig Hunter.

We here at the Who Is Craig Hunter blog are not endorsing any candidate in this race for Sheriff.  We are here for one reason and one reason only.  To help you keep your eye on the ball.  The vote for Sheriff in 2010 is equivalent to the battle for Normandy during WWII.  Much as the European and Russian theaters were devastated by Hitler’s army, we too have been devastated by Michael J. Schroeder’s army.

Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., owns, operates, and/or influences the following political players here in Orange County:

Mike Carona, disgraced former sheriff, now convicted felon

Susan Kang Schroeder, his wife and new Chief of Staff to DA Tony Rackauckas

Tony Rackauckas, Elected District Attorney

Dana Rohrbacher, US Congressman, 46th District

Scott Baugh, Chairman of the OC GOP

Craig Hunter, candidate for Sheriff

Ken Brusic, Editor OC Register

Frank Mickadeit, page 2 local section columnist of the OC Register

Tony Saavedra, investigative reporter for the OC Register

Martin Wisckol, reporter for Total Buzz blog at the OC Register

Steven Greenhut, guest editorial writer for OC Register

Matthew Cunningham, blogger for Red County

Jon Fleichman, blogger for the Flash Report

Dave Lopez, KCAL 9 investigative reporter

Bill Campbell and Pat Bates, OC Supervisors

Scott Steiner, candidate for Judge

Van Tran, California Assemblyman

Todd Spizter, current Assistant DA, plans to run for DA in 2014

Steve Poizner, current CA Insurance Commissioner, candidate for Governor

Mitt Romney, soon-to-be Presidential candidate

Pretty impressive list isn’t it?  I am sure Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. is proud of his accomplishments.  But to use the words of the great Ronald Reagan, “Are you better off today than you were” 1o years ago?  Is Orange County running more efficiently, with more freedom, and less political corruption today than it was 10 years ago?

How is it that one man, who is unaccountable to We The People, has been able to garner so much power and influence?  This power and influence has not been for the good of the People, but rather a score card to be checked off and admired.  It is power for the sake of power.  For 10 years Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. has had a stranglehold on the four pillars of power here in Orange County. 

The District Attorney’s Office

The 46th Congressional District

The Office of Sheriff

The OC Register

With that control, he has been able to protect party members from prosecution.  He has been able to politically persecute many with the Grand Jury.  He has direct access to the inside Beltway in Washington, D.C. to protect his cronies or destroy his enemies.  He has been able to influence what information gets disseminated to the public.

Why have we let one man have so much power?  Why have we allowed one man to control so many?  Does it not bother you that one man has influence and control, for personal needs, over all four branches of government…the courts, the executive, the legislature, and the press?

Has that been good for Orange County?  Are you happy with your elected officials?  Have they been keeping your best interest at heart?  Have they been spending your money wisely?  Do you trust your elected officials?

The short answer to all of those questions is “No”.  Starting with Mike Carona and working your way down the list, there are problems with each of those names.  Just like Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., each one of those names represents a person who does not care about you, your family or your safety.  Each one of those names represents a person who wants, needs, or desires, power for the sake of power.  Each one of those names represents a person who is willing to sell out to the highest bidder in order to obtain or maintain their power.

This election is so much more than, Craig Hunter, who we refer to as, Mike Carona the Second.  This election is about remaking the landscape of Orange County politics.  If you want to join the battle and begin the fight against the powerful few who hold YOU in contempt, the election for Sheriff is where you start.

A vote for Craig Hunter, is a vote for Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. and all of his cronies.  A vote for anyone else in this Sheriff’s race will tear down a crucial pillar of Michael J. Schroeder, Esq’s strength here in Orange County.

That is why we cannot and should not vote for Mike Carona the Second.

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The only thing I have to fear is...Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.

Dear Matt/Jubal,
What is it like to be afraid?  You have so much fear.  You have scrubbed my comments on your site “Red Commie” touting whoiscraighunter.com.  Shame.  I love watching you and your superiority complex at work.  You remind me of a chihuahua.  Small yet fearsome. 
What is so wonderful about you is your fear.  You fear not being the popular kid on the block with the Schroeders and Baugh.  
I pity you Matt.  So lonely.  So full of hate.  So full of spite.  So weak and cowardly.  No moral compass.  Just a windsock in the breeze.
You did not post my comments about Benjamin Franklin being an anonymous blogger of his time.  You chided me for being anonymous and not revealing myself.  Well I did some checking Matt.  It seems you were an anonymous blogger at one time too.
My favorite quote by the venerable Will Swaim was this, “Cunningham likened anonymous bloggers to John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, who published the Federalist Papers under the pseudonym Publius. It’s a line Cunningham’s used before in his persona as Jubal.”
Why then is it ok for you to be anonymous and not me???
You can never delete the idea of who Craig Hunter is Matt.  Never.  He is you.  He is Schroeder.  He is Baugh.  He is Fleishman.  He is Probolsky.  He is Mike Carona.  He is the establishment you so quickly and blindly wrap your pasty white, thin, arms around.
Is it hard to look in the mirror in the morning and be proud of yourself?  No, I am sure it is not.  You are proud of what you do.  You are proud of being close to the power structure here in Orange County.  It makes you feel powerful and important.  It gives you the confidence you never had in high school when your mommy was wiping your ass.  You were picked on a lot in high school weren’t you Matt?  You never really amounted to much until your little blog came along.  That’s sad Matt.  I feel bad for you.
You are a hypocrite just like the man you support, Craig Hunter.  You enabled Mike Carona, and you are enabling Craig Hunter. 
I bet you are proud of that, aren’t you Matt?

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Susan Schroeder can "Officially" bust your balls now.


If you have been visiting the Who Is Craig Hunter blog for any length of time, you will know our analysis of Craig Hunter and his handlers has been spot-on, informative, and accurate.  Some of you, however, are still skeptical of what we say.  For all of those who think we are off-our-rockers, untruthful, or don’t know what we are talking about, we came across a little something that further vindicates our position. 

If you scroll through the Who Is Craig Hunter blog, we discuss who Susan Kang Schroeder is within the Craig Hunter hierarchy.  To make it easy on you here is the link to the post, dated March 12, 2010, paragraph #8.  To quote ourselves: 

“To keep tabs on Rackauckas, Schroeder has installed his wife, Susan Kang Schroeder, into the de facto number 2 position at the DA’s office.  Isn’t that convenient?  Schroeder tells his wife who they need to destroy, Susan tells Tony, and the Grand Jury begins.  Conversely, if one of their corrupt fellows needs cover, the DA’s office will go silent.” 

Last night we were checking the OC GOP’s propaganda website and came across this little gem.  It appears Susan Kang Schroeder has been officially elevated to the number 2 position within the DA’s office.  She is now DA Tony Rackauckaus’ Chief of Staff.  

According to Schroeder her position, “is a change in title, but not in responsibility”. 

Do you doubt us now when we say what we say??? 

Craig Hunter is just a cog in the gear-works of the Establishment party here in Orange County.  As we have stated in the past, Hunter’s wife, Lisa Hunter, works for Susan Kang Schroeder in the DA’s office.  Craig Hunter is the protegé of Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  MJS is the  chief apologist/ political consultant/ spokesman/ attorney/ campaign chairman of the disgraced former sheriff, now convicted felon Mike Carona

Interestingly enough, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., controls DA Tony Rackauckas and is responsible for placing Rackauckas into his current elected position. 

Michael J. Schroeder is married to Susan Kang Schroeder. 

Since we know Red Commie blogger Matthew Cunningham is reading this post we will speak slowly and clearly for him.  Craig Hunter is OWNED and OPERATED by the Schroeders.  Not only has Hunter allowed himself to be sucked into the clutches of the Schroeders with money, brain power, and endorsements, he has allowed his wife to be sucked in as well.   The Schroeders completely lord over Craig Hunter and his wife.  The Schroeder’s hold all the cards in this game, which is another reason in a long list of many, why you cannot trust Craig Hunter. 

Craig Hunter is nothing but an empty suit for the Establishment party and Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  How much respect and/or trust can you have for a man who is willing to sell out so easily to the scum of Michael J. Schroeder, Esq? 

 Oh, and by the way, Susan Kang Schroeder won’t say how much she is getting paid, but that her new position will not include a raise.  We here at Who Is Craig Hunter would like you all to know, Susan Kang Schroeder was a “Turbo 4” prior to her promotion from media spokesperson to Chief of Staff.  A “Turbo 4” make more than $150,000.00 a year and is reserved for DA’s who have tried multiple serious felony trials.  Susan Kang Schroeder has NEVER tried a serious felony and we hardly think she is deserving of the salary she has robbed the tax payers of for the past 10 years.  We have said it before and we will say it again.  Susan Kang Schroeder epitomizes the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” 

If you think it will be any different with Craig Hunter as sheriff, you are dead wrong.  Craig Hunter is nothing more than Carona the Second.

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