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If R. Scott Moxley says it is so, then it is so.  From last Thursday’s OC Weekly:

Michael J. Schroeder, the legendary master of Orange County’s cutthroat politics (when he’s not running his Santa Ana chiropractic-insurance company), must have sighed in relief last month while he was on the Stockholm leg of his European vacation. Up until that point, Schroeder’s nightmare scenario was coming true: His candidate, Craig Hunter, looked destined for a last-place finish in the race for sheriff in the June 8 election.

We told you Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. owned and operated Craig Hunter.  Will you ever doubt us again?

And that, brother and sisters, is why we call Craig Hunter…Mike Carona the Second.


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Wrong again Matthew Cunningham...bad baby!

For weeks now, Red Commie blogger and diehard Craig Hunter supporter Matthew Cunningham has been prancing around and singing about how horrible Bill Hunt is as a campaign fundraiser.  If we had a nickle for every post Cunningham wrote about it, we would be millionaires.  Well, well, well let’s take a look at the totals for fundraising this past quarter…shall we?

Sandra Hutchens raised….$96,063.00…OUTSTANDING DEBTS of $157,388.79

Bill Hunt raised…$78,445.29…OUTSTANDING DEBTS of $0.00 (ZERO)

Craig Hunter raised…$42,028.00…OUTSTANDING DEBTS of $82,117.50

As a side note, Craig Hunter has had to loan his campaign $17,500.00.  Sandra Hutchens has loaned her campaign $99,709.00.

Hunt outraised Hunter almost 2 to 1.  Oh that’s gotta hurt Matthew Cunningham.  And if that isn’t interesting…Hunt came within roughly $11,000 of the sitting appointed sheriff Sandra Hutchens.  Looks like Hunt’s power-to-weight ratio was quite a bit more than the other two. 

So let’s get this straight.  Matthew Cunningham, master of campaigns and most-brilliant was WRONG about how crappy Bill Hunt is as a fundraiser???  We are shocked.  We expected so much more from Matthew Cunningham.  And from a fiscal conservative’s point-of-view, isn’t it interesting that we see the two career bureaucrats spending more than they have while the apparent true conservative of the bunch works within the budget provided.  Another reason why the OC GOP is a sham (they tried to endorse Hunter).

Sorry Matthew Cunningham…you were wrong about Mike Carona, you were wrong about Craig Hunter, and it appears you were wrong about Bill Hunt’s fundraising prowess.

Just an observation.

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Just located this picture of Susan Kang Schroeder and her husband Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. after their trip in Europe this past week.  Welcome back you two!

That about sums it up for us.

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 When you are right you are right.  That’s all we have to say.  This week we were vindicated once again as we correctly predicted when the Orange County Register would begin its assault on Bill Hunt.  All the while giving a free pass to Sandra Hutchens and endorsing Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. protegé Craig Hunter


If you simply scroll down the page you will see our post from May 2nd, titled, “Craig Hunter is Sad…and a Loser” where the only mistake we made was the week in which the assault would begin.  We predicted the hit pieces would commence next week for Hunt.  We were off by a week.  We were, however, correct in our prediction of an edorsement of Craig Hunter (although we were wrong about who would make it…we said it would be Frank Mickadeit) and a puff piece on Hutchens. 

You can read the opinion piece by the youthful, naive, easily influenced, Ken Brusic lover, Brian Calle here.  It is of no surprise to us the endless amount of Schroeder hacks present at the OC Register. 

I will do whatever Michael Schroeder wants.

What have we told you about the OC Register?  They are nothing but a mouthpiece for Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  If you remember, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq.  is  the  chief apologist/ political consultant/ spokesman/ attorney/ campaign chairman of the disgraced former sheriff, now convicted felon Mike Carona.  

Michael Schroeder is the consultant and brain trust behind Craig Hunter and is seeking to replace Mike Carona with Craig Hunter. 

From the Carona days until now, the OC Register has been, and apparently always will be, the official mouthpiece of Michael J. Schroeder, Esq. and his Establishment players.  For the past several months we have been meticulously detailing the relationships between Schroeder, Craig Hunter, Carona, and the OC Register, to name a few.  The network of the Establishment players led by Schroeder is vast and global.  They will stop at nothing to get their candidate elected. 

Sounds like a perfect deal to us here at the Who is Craig Hunter blog.  Who better to help out but our new friend Brian Calle who apparently is the new up and coming “Circle the best one…Frank Mickadeit…Martin WiskolSteven GreenhutPeggy Lowe).  The OC Register like their partner, Michael J. Schroeder, Esq., cannot be trusted.  They will do or say whatever they want to get their person elected.  They don’t care about the greater good.  They don’t care about you, your family, or your safety.  They seek power for the sake of power.  If you question me, just look back to the last 10 years of Mike Carona.  

Who was the #1 cheerleader for Mike Carona? 

The OC Register. 

Who is the #1 cheerleader for Craig Hunter? 

The OC Register. 

Who is the #1 cheerleader for Michael J. Schroeder, Esq? 

The OC Register. 

What’s next for the OC Register?  Frank Mickadeit will slam Hunt for his involvement with Haidl back in 2005 and weigh in for Hunter starting next week or the week after.  Expect a hit piece on Hunt by Steven Greenhut as well.  Greenhut will undoubtebly slam Hunt for his association with the sheriff union. 

How can we trust a news organization that wraps its arms around the likes of Carona and Michael J. Schroeder, Esq?  The answer for us is clear.  We can’t. 

Need we say more?  And that is why we call Craig Hunter…Mike Carona the Second.

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What have we been telling you for weeks about Craig Hunter?  He will do or say anything to get elected.  This extends to his cronies as well.  We have prepared a little something special for you here at the Who Is Craig Hunter blog.  The video below says it all.  Enjoy.

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We were cruising through some websites and found a post about Craig Hunter getting his picture taken with Rudy Giuliani on the Friends for Fullerton’s Future blog. 

Craig and Rudy Together at Last


Well, we hate to one-up the good people at the FFF blog, but we did a little digging and found this shocking photo of Craig Hunter hanging out with Rudy…while Rudy was in drag. 

A photo is worth a 1000 words


Now we could really care less about what Craig does in his spare time, but damn Rudy.  Doesn’t Craig look like he is having fun? 

We have one more below of just Rudy if that’s your thing. 

Hot baby!!!

And that ladies and gentlemen is why we call Craig Hunter…Mike Carona the Second.

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We were checking our stats today and found this phrase was used in a search engine to find our site (We are not making this up):

“susan schroeder is incompetent”

We are proud to know that entering in that phrase will bring you here.  And yes, we agree 100%.


Pretty much sums it up for us.

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